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At SusAgri​

We are Not just Organic, We are Sustainable, Organic and More!

We are Not your partners, We are foremost the Partners of our Farmers!!

And we Do Not Trade, We build Bridges between markets and Organic Farmers!!!

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop sustainable agricultural endeavours and to ensure progress of our farmers and partners at all times.

Our Mission

To contribute significantly in augmenting farmers’ income by shortening supply chain and by value addition and fair pricing their produces.

About SusAgri

Sus Agri Development Pvt Ltd. (SusAgri) is a company incorporated with a mission to facilitate markets for sustainable and organic products which are sourced directly from farmers. The company works directly with organic farmer-groups and manages large organic programs spread across India.

SusAgri was formed under the Companies Act of India in 2010. It develops and manages organic groups, farms and projects which are based on sustainable, organic agriculture and good agricultural practices.

At SusAgri, our endeavour is to improve farmers’ incomes and livelihood through short supply chains and better access to markets. This, in turn creates a win-win situation for primary producers/farmers, our business partners, end-consumers and the eco-system as a whole.

SusAgri is also implementing Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the horticulture and agriculture departments under the state governments of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Why Choose Us

Our Areas of Intervention

Certified Organic Farmers’ groups under
SusAgri (ICS groups)



Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh




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